Most of the blog entries were synthesized from various works. The original intent is to clarify for myself the information that had come. There was a need to ensure the integrity of the information received by cross checking them with others. With Theosophy and Ageless Wisdom as the basic framework, the “new information” must be in harmony. It must also resonate with a deeper reality within. I am sharing this synthesis with the view that it also assists the reader in clarifying and discerning for him/herself the truth, relative as it may seem.

The root doctrine of Ageless Wisdom is also the basis of the “esoteric (hidden) traditions” of most major world religions:
1. Cabbala of Judaism
2. Ancient Gnosticism, Essenes and Nazarene, and the Medieval Rosicrucian and Masonry in Christianity
3. What HP Blavatsky called “Esoteric Buddhism”
4. Sufism in Islam
5. Vedanta, Upanishads and Yoga of Hinduism

In the late 19th century, Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891)reintroduced the Ageless Wisdom through various works, such as “The Secret Doctrine” and “Isis Unveiled.” She called it "Theosophy;" she also established the Theosophical Society, under the guidance of Ascended Masters known to the world as Masters Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Khul (who purportedly appeared to the world as the Three Magi during the birth of Jesus).

Blavatsky claimed her main source as an ancient book called "The Book of Dzyan" (from the Sanskrit Dhayana, meaning "mystic meditation"). In c. 400 BC, the book found its way as the Chinese "C'han Philosophy" and the Japanese "Zen," both of which took root from Buddhism.

Blavatsky also wrote "The Voice of the Silence," derived from "The Book of the Golden Precepts," which she claimed had the same origin as the "Book of Dzyan." Many of the Golden Precepts can be read in the Bhagavad Gita. Another book, "Light on the Path," written by Mabel Collins, was also derived from this source. A third book, "At the Feet of the Master," written by J. Krisnamurti (at 15 years old) completes a trilogy, considered as the basic tenets of “Theosophy.”

After Blavatsky died, the society underwent changes and spawned several other groups, such as the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn (MacGregor Mathers), Fraternity of the Inner Light (Dion Fortune), the “new” Rosicrucians and “Masonry,” the Anthroposophical Society (Rudolf Steiner) and the World Order of the Star (J. Khrishnamurti).

Alice A. Bailey, formerly an associate of Theosophical Society, also spun off with her Lucis Trust. She authored 24 books on esoteric philosophy, guided by Master Djwal Khul (DK) for 30 years (1919-1949) on a more advanced presentation of the Ageless Wisdom. She founded the Arcane School, training aspiring world servers in esoteric work.

After Bailey, several "guided" authors advanced the Ageless Wisdom. The information from these authors was the basis for the Ageless Wisdom Updates.

Among the major sources for this synthesis are the writings of/from H.P. Blavatsky, C.D. Leadbeater and Douglas Baker of the Theosophical Society; Alice A. Bailey of the Lucis Trust; Janet MacClure of the Tibetan Foundation; Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain of the School of Inner Light; Genesis 2012; Kryon, through Carroll Lee; and the Pleiadians, through Barbara Marciniak & Amorah Quan Yin. The sources were appropriately labeled.

This synthesis is divided (initially) into 5 parts:
Part I - The Logos and Creation (Planes, Dimensions, and Human Evolution)
Part II - The 12 Rays and Spiritual Hierarchy
Part III - Cosmic Humans/Groups & Elohims, Archangels and Secret Rays
Part IV - Humans: Chakras (Centers), DNA, Electromagnetic Forces, Light Bodies, Layers of Consciousness
Part V - Updates and further elaboration of the 4 Parts.
-- Earth, DNA and Humanity (3 Part Series)
-- Ageless Wisdom and the Book of Revelation (3 Part Series)
-- Esoteric Astrology (3 Part Series)
-- Global Calamities and Human Evolution (3 Part Series)

The presentations (entries) are from newest to oldest. That is, Part I is the earliest and thus the oldest entry.

Discernment is very important when dealing with Ageless Wisdom. Mastership, from the viewpoint of the Master DK, is about "mastery of oneself" and not about "having pupils." (DK's Introduction in Violet Starre's "The Diamond Light,"2000)

Dion Fortune (in "The Esoteric Orders and Their Works," p. 83) explained: “upon the mundane plane, it is impossible to escape from the limitations of the human personalities. A great occultist will make a great occult school, but upon his death the mantle may fall upon unworthy shoulders and the glory be departed or turned to corruption.” Fortune added: some (mystery schools) have flourished unchecked, feared and revered by the people they guided, sometimes fallen into evil ways as the degenerated voodoo schools. Some retained a noble tradition as in certain Indian and Chinese schools and monastic orders, accepted as part of racial life.

In the words of Khrisnamurti (“The First and Last Freedom”): “It is through self-knowledge, not through belief in somebody else’s symbols, that a man comes to the eternal reality, in which he is being grounded...Our system of upbringing is based upon what to think, not how to think.”

In the words of the Master DK, the Tibetan (Introduction of AABailey Books, 1935) who inspired this synthesis: “the books that I have written are sent out with no claim for their acceptance. They may or may not be correct, true and useful…If the teaching conveyed calls forth a response from the illumined mind of the seeker in the world, and bring a flashing forth of his intuition, then let that teaching be accepted. But not otherwise.”

From Master Kuthumi (through Michelle Eloff): “A liberated spirit never needs to hold onto anything because every moment provides what is needed, because the moment is perfect… your daily purpose makes up for your greater purpose on Earth. Do not waste time searching for the grand purpose of your life. Be present and embrace the purpose of the moment. Every moment has a purpose, which is why you are in it.”

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Part III - A: The Cosmic Beings & Polarity Integration

It had been decided long ago that Earth would have a special role in the galaxy; that of a great galactic library where all the races could share and store their wisdom (genetics). As we of Earth began to evolve, many other evolved races in the galaxy also started taking an interest in Earth. On the other hand, humanity (and Earth) is preparing itself to ascend into a relationship with the galactic civilizations, as membership into the Galactic Federation.

Gateway to the Galactic Federation

The opening of the portal called the Arcturian Enlightenment through the Sirian Doorway directs the link with the Milky Way Galaxy and the Central Sun, so that humans may enjoy the fruits of being. The planet Pluto which holds the outer orbit of our system is the switch that opens the gate. It is the key and password for the Light body to pass through into inter-Dimensionality and for us to become multi-Dimensionals. The, Sirians, Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Andromedans are the Teachers of Light who exist within the Higher Dimensions. They are not physical incarnated 3rd Dimensional beings. The humans are the physical (genetic) counterparts of these energies. In a literal sense, the human being is the library card to one of the 12 (genetic) libraries that exist in our galactic system. The opening up of humanity is opening up a whole new ball game for the known created cosmos.

The Milky Galaxy Galactic Federation, the oldest GF in this Universe, was established at the end of the 1st Great Galactic War fought in the Lyra Constellation primarily between Humans and Reptilians. After the war, the survivors decided to establish some way to arbitrate disputes so that this kind of destruction (destruction of the Humans’ homeworld Avyon, the First Earth) would not occur again. The GF was established with Lyrans and Orions as the founding members. Each race, civilization, and planet has a council within the GF to represent them. There are literally thousands of these councils as there are as many races represented. The GF has one major overseeing council, with representatives from each member council.

The Nibiruan Council is the largest of the councils. Nibiru is not a planet with one civilization; it is a GF starship with representatives from many races whose role is that of a traveling galactic management team. Their mission is to help negotiate alliances and maintain peace among the different worlds of the GF and assist new and incoming members. The GF for our Milky Way galaxy is located in the Sirius star system. Our sun is a stargate to that system and the GF. That is why the Dog Star Sirius is important to Earth and plays a significant role in our history. (It is no wonder that the 5thinitiation makes one a member of the Sirian Lodge of Masters.)

The Christos Alliance, which includes the Ascended Masters as members, provides the communication link between the Nibiruan Council as galactic managers and the planetary school called Earth. The Christos Beings are the governing portion of the Etheric Sirians and Orion Humans. Their base is on planet Venus with Sanat Kumara as planetary logos for earth. The Etheric Sirians and Orion Humans are the planetary heirs of Earth having been given Earth as their home by the Founders, when their planet that orbited Sirius B exploded. The Christ consciousness stems from this group as part of their collective memory when they were etherically polarized to the Light on Sirius B. (They had tried to integrate but were not successful.) It is through these liaisons that Earth’s needs are made known to the 9D Nibiruan Council. Once the needs are understood, the 9D Nibiruan Council issues requests to the 5th and 6th dimensional Nibiruan Councils to fill those needs. Depending on the need, there are times when the requests are issued to the 7th and 8th dimensional Nibiruan Councils as well.

With all of the divinely metamorphic energy flowing into our planet, what had been veiled in terms of our human history, including the conspiracies and age long deceptions are now opening up, and preparing us for our planetary ascension. What had been veiled? From, the following summarizes humanity, not only in what we know as the only earth, but in other systems as well.

Human Genes

The Humans are the youngest of the four primary races in our universe. They were first created by the Felines on a planet in the Vega star system of the Lyra constellation. The First Earth, like the Second and our present Third Earth, had developed the human species from the DNA from another race. On the First Earth, it was the Felines (bird-like). On our earth, the Third Earth, it was a combination of Feline, Carian (Cat-like), Reptilian and Human DNA. The Human DNA came from Avyon, in the Pleiades, which was the Second Earth.

The Humans are unique among the races due to their DNA coding. The Humans were given the Gene of Compassion as their inheritance from the Felines. They are heirs to the great work which is showing all other races how to achieve compassion through the opening of the heart and the high heart chakra.

The Humans were given a different creation myth than the one given to their counterparts, the Reptilians. The Human’s creation myth states that they will strive to live in harmony with any and all races occupying a planet that they wish to colonize. It also states that they, through their living example, will show their fellow races the way to achieve compassion of the heart instead of compassion of the head (mental compassion). Therefore you will find that Felines and Humans who have open hearts will be assertive, truthful and confrontational in their communications and dealings with others. The Humans became more predominant in the Royal Line of Avyon by the time they reached the Pleiadian star system.

Polarity Game and Goal of Compassion

In our universe the “game for soul evolution” is called Polarity Integration, which means the integration of two opposites - Light and Dark. The Light can be described as love, joy, bliss and all the emotions connected with the upper chakras. The Dark can be described as fear, anger, blame, shame and all the emotions connected with the lower chakras. The Light represents the “reward”, joy, happiness, bliss. The Dark represents the “lesson”, the challenge. Emotional/physical pain and the emotions of fear and anger are what we must learn to value as part of the lesson.

Compassion is the goal of the game. Compassion is the integration point, the middle point of the two opposites. When the soul reaches true compassion, it feels acceptance for both sides, accepting neither as inherently good nor bad. Achieving compassion or integration means that a soul sees the value in both the Light and the Dark, and chooses to have both in balanced portions, as part of itself. Each soul in this universe is playing the Polarity Integration Game in order to achieve spiritual evolution and eventual reunion with Divine Creator, the Source, All that Is.

One of the great challenges of the Polarity Integration Game is finding the value in the Dark. The Dark is the schoolhouse, and the classes are the lessons we desire to learn in order to achieve a balance of both within ourselves.

The other great challenge is our belief that we want to stay in the Light. The Light is like a vacation spot on a tropical island. It is a getaway from the stress and strain of spiritual growth. We were never meant to stay there because staying in the Light would be polarizing to that extreme. Polarizing to either the Light or Dark stagnate spiritual growth. It also eliminates the ability to procreate since the physical form is then partially emotionally shut down. It takes a balance of both polar opposites to be able to procreate without a problem.

Humans, extraterrestrial races and all other species upon the Earth are part of the Whole of this Earth experiment. We have all contributed to the entire experience of suffering, by taking up roles of either the controller or the one being controlled. The Reptilian aspect of our self is to be acknowledged and loved as it is part of our human make up, our genetics, and, up to now has been a very big part in how we have experienced life. By acknowledging, accepting and then consciously releasing this controlling influence and our own electrical overcharge, we may help move and quickly transform this undesired, incongruent energy from our intimate field of influence which greatly assists Mother Gaia.

In order to achieve our goal, we all play roles that are Dark and roles that are Light. Otherwise, we could not integrate because we would not have the experience of these opposites. We achieve our spiritual evolution by incarnating on different planetary schools. Planetary schools have varying degrees of free will and, thus, provide different levels of empowerment.

Earth is a planetary school with total free will, thus enabling souls incarnating here to experience the full extent of their creations and choices. Planets with this degree of free will are called “Grand Experiments.” There have only been two others in our universe. We, the people of Earth, have now reached the end of our planetary game. We must now open up our memory banks to recall the rules of the game. We have the codes of compassion in our DNA and higher dimensional tools are being given to us to enable us to achieve compassion. Nibiru has returned to fire those dormant codes and open up our memory.

Check out this post for a further elaboration (and status) of the Polarity Game and how Compassion and Unity is taking over:

The Galactic Human Family

Our Galactic Family is assisting as we progress as a Whole Humanity. Within our immediate Universal neighborhood there are also eight sources of Light, which are eight gateways that we are now integrating within the microcosm of ourselves (from Ken Cousens, Doorway to Alcyone):

Pleiades – Divine Love
Sirius – True Fatherhood, Divine Authority
Arcturus – True Masculine, Divine Intelligence
Antares – True Feminine; Divine Grace
Polaris – Doorway into our future ecstatic Self in unlimited creational fields of Love and Light
Cassiopeia – True Motherhood, Divine Nurturance
Andromeda – Divine child, Fructification brought forth from the spiral of unified opposites
Orion – Divine Integration and Balance

Human Races and Their History

1. The Ancient Lyrans: the Titans, the original humans & the Reptilians

Eons ago, the first human colony was established in the Vega star system of Lyra (25.3 light years away). Based upon genetically human forms in higher realms and highly evolved Universes, it was decided that many forms of life would be created in Lyra. The first humans stemmed from the genetic stock of the Carians (bird-like) and the Felines (cat-like) from higher worlds (universes). The Lyran Avyon was the 1st Earth Grand Experiment for teaching polarity integration. The Lyrans embraced the Dark as natural; with the intrinsic understanding that the Dark has significant value in spiritual evolution. They comfortably moved beyond the “love and light” belief system, showing their real selves, i.e., their Dark and Light sides. They started the Black League (Black Dragon). The experiment they made ended with the first major war between the Humans and the Reptilians.

The Reptilians (Lizzies) hailed from the Orion constellation with their leaders from Alpha Draconi, who settled on the neighboring planet. The Reptilians are the creation of the Carians (brid-like), their parent race. They evolved on a planet in the Alpha Draconi star system of the Orion Constellation. The Reptiles have two other major sub races. They are known as the Winged Serpents (Snakes) and the Lizards (or the Lizzies). In contrast to humans, which follow the creation myth of the Law of the One, the Reptilians were given a creation myth directly opposite: that they own the universe by divine right, and thus, when they colonized a new planet, they could destroy any other lifeforms they found. The war set up the emotional block between the two races, passed down through the timelines, dimensions and generations to the present.

What is left of the Lyrans is the Pleaidians and Andromedans. The Lyran human evolutions grew into Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian ( ),Pleaidian, Andromedan, Cignus Alphan, Alpha Centauri, Sagittarius A & B, Cassiopia. The races moved, traveled, and settled many different planets in many systems as space travel evolved; they became aware of other planetary civilizations. Belief systems clashed or spread. New philosophies and technologies emerged. The evolved Human Lyrans were a very peaceful race on the whole. They learned to adapt to the planetary environments they settled in and to live in harmony with their respective planets. All aspects of life seem to benefit from their commitment to be at one with their home planets.

2. The Sirian High Council and Etheric Sirians:

The Council represent the consciousness of countless Sirians linking with Earth from the ascended star system of Satais (Sirius B). They are much older than us, for their elders were part of the Great Experiment, the seeding of our race. At key times in our development they have materialized on earth, crystallizing in matter so as to better serve humankind – starseed of the universe. This occurred at the time of the second cycle of Atlantis, when we were blossoming in the light of that civilization; it occurred in ancient Egypt and it is about to occur again, at the closing of the Mayan calendar. They have come to serve this time of our evolution into light body, for they know what awaits us and have known our process. They are here to help us over the threshold by bringing the knowledge that has been kept secret from us, for we have come to the point of individual and planetary liberation. (

Sirius, located in the Canis Major constellation, can be considered directly ‘upstream’ from our solar system, relative to its position in the Milky Way galaxy. Sirius is a triunal stellar system, which consists of three Solar Deities: Sothis, Satais and Anu (known as: Sirius A, Sirius B, and Sirius C, respectively).

Sirius A (Sothis) shines brighter than any star in the night sky, during winter in the Northern hemisphere. It is the 5th nearest star to the sun, only 8.7 light years away, and is inextricably connected to our Solar Deity (RA). Known as the blue-white star, Sirius A is ten times larger than our sun, twice as massive, and registers 20 times as much luminescence. It is moving on a direct course toward our solar system. It is located in the jaws of the Great Dog, Canis Major constellation – hence it is called the Dog Star. It can be located by following a direct line through the belt of Orion towards the horizon. It is a 3-dimensional stellar being with enormous gravitation fields.

Sirius B (Satais) is called a white dwarf star, with the equivalent mass of our sun packed into a globe four times the size of our Earth. It travels in an eliptical orbit around Sirius A, which it completes in a 50 year cycle. Only discovered by astronomers some 50 years ago, the Dogon tribes knew of Sirius B, which they described as a heavy, small, powerful star, as early as 50,000 years ago. The Sirian Revelations tell us that while Sirius A is still a 3D stellar presence, the dwarf star, Sirius B, is actually the remains of the ascended star, which now exists in the 6th dimension. It is here that the Sirian High Council resides, in light body, and from here, they are directing their overlighting energies to the awakening of Earth and to others who reside in the body of our solar system.

At a point in the space-time continuum, a great cosmic exchange occurred in our stellar system. At that time, Sirius B collapsed passing through her own astral chords and onto higher dimensional planes. What was left was a minuscule dwarf star of super dense matter, which was pulled into an elliptical orbit around the dominant sister star, Sothis – as was the distant cousin, Anu. The collapse of Sirius B – its ascension– caused a monumental chain reaction through the entire Sirian system, out across the constellation of stars known as Canis Major and, indirectly, our solar system became involved in the dynamics. This is one of the significant reasons why the Sirians are so linked to us. The ascension of Sirius B sent waves of unimaginable energies coursing through the 3-dimensional fields where she had held resonance until her glorious passage out of matter. Casting off the physical body, untold quantities of its denser gases (heavier than hydrogen) were sent through the Milky Way, as Satais shed her physical cloak to ascend. Ra, downstream, was directly affected, as were neighboring stellar bodies; one of the primary aspects of the Sirius-Ra connection.

The Nommos (Etheric Sirians) are a race of Beings that takes the physical forms of dolphins, whales, mermaids/mermen. Their home world is a planet in the Sirius star system that is mostly warm aqua-blue water. They are known for their highly advanced use of sound. They play an important role in earth’s evolution. They are the guardians and guides of the portion of Etheric Sirians who are in dolphin, whale, and mermaid/merman bodies in order to maintain the biosphere of earth. The Etheric Sirians are the soul group given earth as their new home when their former home, Sirius B, imploded. When Earth ascends, the Etheric Sirians will take over as guardians of their planet. Those in aquatic form will have the choice to change form and take on a human body, walking the earth as a land guardian. Many of the Etheric Sirians are returning to the Nommos home world for training on being in a human body so that they can return to earth as land guardians. Those who are of the Etheric Sirian soul group are usually very drawn to the whales and dolphins. They also can be found in organizations and groups whose focus is healing the earth and conserving her resources. The majority of Etheric Sirians are found among the black, red and brown races of Earth.

Sirius C (Anu), the 3rd of the Sirian stellar family, also ascended from the 3rd dimension during the Sirian shift. Although the scientific community has not confirmed the existence of Sirius C, the Dogon knew of it by the name, Enome Ya, and they described it too as revolving around Sirius A. Of the planets that orbited Anu, one did not achieve ascension when the star, which remains in the 4th dimension, did not: that planet is Nibiru, the home of the Annunaki (the biblical Nephilim).

Nibiru is a red planet with a gold hue. As a result, it appears as a bright yellow-gold star when seen from earth. Nibiru’s brightness is due in part to the gold dust suspended in its atmosphere. This gold dust is used to maintain the atmosphere of Nibiru and fill the holes in its atmosphere that were caused by atomic missiles fired at it during the last Great Galactic War in which it was involved and seriously crippled. The gold repels radiation from space and keeps the people inside the ship from dying. This was the same war in which Maldek (Assyro-Babylonian Marduk) was destroyed by Nibiru after the opposing forces had destroyed the colonies on Mars, Venus and Earth. Nibiru was flung out of Sirius, was captured by our sun, and ricocheted back to Sirius and caught between the two star systems, on an elliptical journey that takes approximately 3,600 years to complete. It also wound up in the Pleiades and thus is known to some as a Pleiadian planet.

Nibiru became a star ship that travel the Milky Way when it was converted from a near lifeless form, hollowed out and turned into a ship. That is why the people live inside of it instead of on the surface. Another reason is that it was created for deep space travel where there would be no sun for many years. In a way, you could say that it is an artificial planet. Only the shell is original. (Read Zecharia Sitchin’s “The 12th Planet” and )

3. Sirius - Orion Humans:

The Orion humans include the portion of the Lyran humans from a planet that orbited Sirius B, which eventually imploded. They left Sirius B and traveled to a planet in Orion as a new home (Alpha Centauri, the nearest star is 4.4 light years away; the Orion star Bellatrix is 243 light years away). Many Sirian-humans were enslaved by the Orion-reptilians. In time they formed the Black League to fight their reptilian overlords. Eventually the Black League succeeded and the Sirians established themselves on Venus, as part of the Christos office.

The Sirius B humans were of mixed race as part of the Divine Universal Plan. This group agreed to voluntarily incarnate and carry the genes of two polar opposite races so that they could bring about the end the conflict between the two races. Being of two races, they, as a soul group would be invaluable in the integration of the Light and Dark polarities. The human side is more emotional (compassionate) while the reptilian is more mental.

When the call came for Earth to be transformed into a higher level density, Sanat Kumara, the leader of the Orion humans, and his group (the Kumaras) volunteered. He, together with some 400 souls first came to build the retreat in Shamballa (in the etheric realm of the Gobi desert), followed by a total of 144,000 souls. The Ascended Masters are the Sirian humans who used the reptilian esoteric knowledge to physically ascend. They were caught in the love and light syndrome and are rendered powerless by their resistance to the Dark side.

Sanat is calling his group members, asking them to remove the veil of illusion placed around him, his group and on Earth. The other Ascended Masters are incarnate in other realms. Only by being incarnate, can change occur in other incarnate realms. A deep-seated pattern caused the Kumaras to be more aesthetic and less a part of the world. They prefer to live their lives in monasteries and ashrams, chanting mantras, learning the reptilian way of ascension. But this time, they must ascend by being a part of the world. They must complete ascension while they carry on a 3D life to integrate their human-reptilian sidesn.

4. Pleidian Emisaries of Light and Merkeba (Amorah Quan Yin):

The Pleaides (in the constellation Taurus) is an open star cluster, some 440 light years from Earth, consisting of 254 stars and many times more planetary bodies. The human species of Pleaidians evolved from Lyra. The Pleaidians were Lyrans that came to colonize Earth for a time, carrying with them the experiences from their original home (positive and negative). After some time, a group from Earth went to the Pleaides. They are our far distant first cousins; the ancestral forefathers of some of our races. Meanwhile, during the Orion Wars, a larger group of Lyrans went to the seven sisters and to other star systems.

In the Pleiades, the Pleiadians attempted the second time polarity integration, the result being a polarization to the Light and eventual stagnation of spiritual growth. This planet was destroyed as a result the Andromedan Android Alliances’ attacks due to betrayal by a member of the ruling family during a civil war. A catalyst was the Sword of Truth; a long cylindrical crystal that contained the history of the planet and its feline/human inhabitants all the way back to the 1st Avyon, the 1st Grand Experiment. The myth of King Arthur and Excalibur depicted the experiment.

The Pleiadians had visited Earth for some 80,000 years, with many large settlements. They came and left throughout Earth’s history. We are similar to them, although they are now emotionally and spiritually more evolved than us. They attempt to share with us the benefits of their experience, so we don’t have to experience the same setbacks and possible destructions. The Pleiadians Emissaries are a collective group with diverse roles, including as guardians of Earth and this solar system. They come to awaken us to where we are in our evolution and for the needed next steps.

There are four of these tribes delineated by the color they emanate:

a. The golden yellow Pleiadian Archangelic Tribe members are called Ra and are the keepers of divine wisdom

b. The blue beings are named Ptah and they are the protectors and preservers of the eternal nature of life.

c. Ma-at, the title of the red beings, are the spiritual warriors who hold the energy of divine courage beyond fear.

d. The green beings are referred to as An-Ra, and they hold the energy of divine compassion and understanding.

As master beings of the 5th dimension, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are one of the many star nation groupings greatly assisting Humanity through accelerated evolutionary processes. It is through the portals of time, that the illumined Pleiadian wisdom brings advanced information, healing and empowerment to ease our ascension into Christ Consciousness. The purpose for Pleiadian Lightwork on Earth is to assist in bringing about the second coming of Christ en masse. When at least 144,000 humans have attained Christ Consciousness, an enlightenment wave will be experienced by all living beings on Earth. Everyone will have a brief experience of Divine Truth. Afterward, each human will be enabled to make a conscious choice, based on that experience, about whether or not to continue in an illusionary, ego-based reality, or to choose a life based upon spiritual growth, Divine Love, and alignment with Divine Truth and the Divine Plan.

The Pleiadians and the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, in cooperation with the Hierarchy and the Galactic & Intergalactic Federations of Light, brought the Ka, Ba, Merkabah teachings as they existed in ancient Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt.

5. Arcturians:

Arcturus, the fourth brightest star, means "Guardian of the Bear." The Arcturians originate from a crystal blue planet orbiting the star Arcturus, approximately 36 light years from Earth and is the brightest star in the Bootes Constellation. They have intervened in the ancient past to help resolve serious conflicts in our area of the Universe by showing how to integrate their belief systems and feelings to resolve conflict. Edgar Cayce mentioned that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It is the 5th dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth's future.

Arcturian energy works to heal humanity emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth, a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch describes it as the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with "physicals" at this end of the galaxy.

According to Supa, Arcturian Light Body (Spiritual Assistant of Sheldan Nidle): “We, the Arcturians, have been an integral part of Earth’s history for eons. Our timekeepers brought the original galactic calendar to your planet. Later, the Pleiadeans modified it. The galactic calendar is a consciousness tool used to put you in sync with the time clock of our galaxy. It helps you learn to experience time instead of just measuring it in a linear fashion. Our galaxy has a natural rhythm or pulse, providing a time to rest and a time for action. As you learn to ride the wave of energy, you will find that your life unfolds with more grace.” (From 'Living with Sheldan Nidle' by Colleen Marshall:  

The Arcturians work closely with the ascended masters (they call the Brotherhood of the All). They also work closely with “the Galactic Command.” They travel in their starships, which are one of the most advanced in the universe. One reason Earth has not been attacked by warlike negative ETs has been those civilizations' fear of the advanced starships of the Arcturians. Many souls are brought to Arcturian starships during the dream state where they are worked on and helped, although the Arcturians never invade a person's free choice as the Grays are doing. They are here to assist humans in entering the 4th and 5th dimensions of reality and in raising their vibrational frequencies. They stand as the guardians and protectors of higher consciousness in the universe. They are based in every country on the planet and, and have bases all over the universe. The Arcturian message to us is love. Love is the answer to everything. Love energy equals truth equals vibration equals God. Love more equals more energy equals higher vibration equals finding God. (

6. The Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of Light:

The group is a non-physical race of purely awesome ancient angelic beings from the Andromeda Galaxy, a large spiral galaxy 2,500,000 light years from the Milky Way. The galaxy is considered the twin galaxy of our own Milky Way (within the Local Group), in the same manner that Venus is the twin planet of Earth. The Andromeda core link up is that which creates the Universal Intersection (a Super Galactic Highway Connector) with the neighboring Universes at the end of this Astrological Age or Ascension Cycle. The Andromedans are assisting our planetary ascension primarily through light technology and advanced forms of scientific application.

The Andromedans, in their scientifically engineered hyper-light spacecraft, are felt to be one of the main higher light intelligences behind our beautiful planetary crop circle messages. They are assisting with the gradual amplification of our light quotients through the magnetic and eternal nature of the Photon and Cosmic Rays and the stepped down magnification of the Super-Electron through our own electronic body of light and living heart flame. They ultimately are the spiritual force behind the Ashtar command and are the leaders behind the Pleiadians and our whole human branch of evolution and the guiding power behind at least one other completely different branch of evolution: The Cygnusian races - quiet, slimy, amphibian like creatures who come from planets in the constellation Cygnus. Again, the way the Andromeda galaxy beings are helping the beings in our own Milky Way galaxy grow, is a macrocosmic example of how the Pleiadians civilization is helping our Earth civilization grow.

7. Order of Melchisedek (or Melchisedak):

The label "Melchisedek" encapsulates an energy type and refers to a vast and Unified Being that is existent throughout all life-streams - Elohim; Angelic and Universal. This great Master is one unified consciousness, having re-united all its aspects and unified its masculine and feminine flames, and is probably the closest to Source energy of all the Masters we may access. The level that "spiritual" members of humanity are most likely to "plug into" is the Melchisadek energy functioning at Cosmic and Galactic level, where it functions as a member of the governing council of our Galactic centre (the Milky Way) and serves as a liaison between Earth and the other representatives of the planets and bodies of this sector (of the Great Bear) and the Galactic centre. The Melchisadek energy at Universal level acts as one of the 3 guardians (with Archaeons Metatron and Michael) of the Ascension Gateway, the bridge and link between the Higher Dimensions and ours. In, Melchisedek is considered the Universal Logos and one of the 4 Masters that gives you the Rods of Initiation.

The Order of Melchisadek is charged with preparing Earth for transition (Ascension) to the 5th Dimension by mastery of the four planes of matter (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states). The Melchizedek Guardian Groups oversee and direct the planetary repair projects ( from 12 D) that result in the collapsing and clearing away of distorted timelines, the distorted historical human records that created DNA damage in the past, present and future. This group works with the Universal holographic architecture to repair its structural integrity back into the Ascension Timeline. The Ascension timeline would reflect the Pathway back to God Source connection, the return to the Zero Point God matrix, the point of our creational genesis.

The name “Melchisadek” may thus be given to any initiate of the Order who has passed the seven levels of initiation into the Order and many of the Great White Brotherhood are members. Priesthood is carried over to future incarnations although the Order also initiates individuals when they are in embodiment, which happened to Abraham, Moses and Jesus in their "human" lifetimes. Melchisadek’s work includes helping bring into our subconscious and conscious understanding information concerning spiritual principles and how to work with Light. This includes the understanding and use of the Language of Light; the understanding, building and developing of our energetic Light Bodies as aid in our own personal Ascension; and, the support for Earth and fellow humans through the transition period.

The Melchisadek energy raises the vibrational frequencies to bring about Unification (of the Self and ultimately with Source). According to AA Michael, the Great White Brotherhood, (now known as the Cosmic Council of Light), is a division of the Order of Melchizedek. It is composed of highly evolved, non-physical Spiritual Beings from all areas of this universe along with select members of the angelic Kingdom, many Ascended Masters of the Earth, and advanced Initiates who represent the masses.


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