Most of the blog entries were synthesized from various works. The original intent is to clarify for myself the information that had come. There was a need to ensure the integrity of the information received by cross checking them with others. With Theosophy and Ageless Wisdom as the basic framework, the “new information” must be in harmony. It must also resonate with a deeper reality within. I am sharing this synthesis with the view that it also assists the reader in clarifying and discerning for him/herself the truth, relative as it may seem.

The root doctrine of Ageless Wisdom is also the basis of the “esoteric (hidden) traditions” of most major world religions:
1. Cabbala of Judaism
2. Ancient Gnosticism, Essenes and Nazarene, and the Medieval Rosicrucian and Masonry in Christianity
3. What HP Blavatsky called “Esoteric Buddhism”
4. Sufism in Islam
5. Vedanta, Upanishads and Yoga of Hinduism

In the late 19th century, Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891)reintroduced the Ageless Wisdom through various works, such as “The Secret Doctrine” and “Isis Unveiled.” She called it "Theosophy;" she also established the Theosophical Society, under the guidance of Ascended Masters known to the world as Masters Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Khul (who purportedly appeared to the world as the Three Magi during the birth of Jesus).

Blavatsky claimed her main source as an ancient book called "The Book of Dzyan" (from the Sanskrit Dhayana, meaning "mystic meditation"). In c. 400 BC, the book found its way as the Chinese "C'han Philosophy" and the Japanese "Zen," both of which took root from Buddhism.

Blavatsky also wrote "The Voice of the Silence," derived from "The Book of the Golden Precepts," which she claimed had the same origin as the "Book of Dzyan." Many of the Golden Precepts can be read in the Bhagavad Gita. Another book, "Light on the Path," written by Mabel Collins, was also derived from this source. A third book, "At the Feet of the Master," written by J. Krisnamurti (at 15 years old) completes a trilogy, considered as the basic tenets of “Theosophy.”

After Blavatsky died, the society underwent changes and spawned several other groups, such as the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn (MacGregor Mathers), Fraternity of the Inner Light (Dion Fortune), the “new” Rosicrucians and “Masonry,” the Anthroposophical Society (Rudolf Steiner) and the World Order of the Star (J. Khrishnamurti).

Alice A. Bailey, formerly an associate of Theosophical Society, also spun off with her Lucis Trust. She authored 24 books on esoteric philosophy, guided by Master Djwal Khul (DK) for 30 years (1919-1949) on a more advanced presentation of the Ageless Wisdom. She founded the Arcane School, training aspiring world servers in esoteric work.

After Bailey, several "guided" authors advanced the Ageless Wisdom. The information from these authors was the basis for the Ageless Wisdom Updates.

Among the major sources for this synthesis are the writings of/from H.P. Blavatsky, C.D. Leadbeater and Douglas Baker of the Theosophical Society; Alice A. Bailey of the Lucis Trust; Janet MacClure of the Tibetan Foundation; Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain of the School of Inner Light; Genesis 2012; Kryon, through Carroll Lee; and the Pleiadians, through Barbara Marciniak & Amorah Quan Yin. The sources were appropriately labeled.

This synthesis is divided (initially) into 5 parts:
Part I - The Logos and Creation (Planes, Dimensions, and Human Evolution)
Part II - The 12 Rays and Spiritual Hierarchy
Part III - Cosmic Humans/Groups & Elohims, Archangels and Secret Rays
Part IV - Humans: Chakras (Centers), DNA, Electromagnetic Forces, Light Bodies, Layers of Consciousness
Part V - Updates and further elaboration of the 4 Parts.
-- Earth, DNA and Humanity (3 Part Series)
-- Ageless Wisdom and the Book of Revelation (3 Part Series)
-- Esoteric Astrology (3 Part Series)
-- Global Calamities and Human Evolution (3 Part Series)

The presentations (entries) are from newest to oldest. That is, Part I is the earliest and thus the oldest entry.

Discernment is very important when dealing with Ageless Wisdom. Mastership, from the viewpoint of the Master DK, is about "mastery of oneself" and not about "having pupils." (DK's Introduction in Violet Starre's "The Diamond Light,"2000)

Dion Fortune (in "The Esoteric Orders and Their Works," p. 83) explained: “upon the mundane plane, it is impossible to escape from the limitations of the human personalities. A great occultist will make a great occult school, but upon his death the mantle may fall upon unworthy shoulders and the glory be departed or turned to corruption.” Fortune added: some (mystery schools) have flourished unchecked, feared and revered by the people they guided, sometimes fallen into evil ways as the degenerated voodoo schools. Some retained a noble tradition as in certain Indian and Chinese schools and monastic orders, accepted as part of racial life.

In the words of Khrisnamurti (“The First and Last Freedom”): “It is through self-knowledge, not through belief in somebody else’s symbols, that a man comes to the eternal reality, in which he is being grounded...Our system of upbringing is based upon what to think, not how to think.”

In the words of the Master DK, the Tibetan (Introduction of AABailey Books, 1935) who inspired this synthesis: “the books that I have written are sent out with no claim for their acceptance. They may or may not be correct, true and useful…If the teaching conveyed calls forth a response from the illumined mind of the seeker in the world, and bring a flashing forth of his intuition, then let that teaching be accepted. But not otherwise.”

From Master Kuthumi (through Michelle Eloff): “A liberated spirit never needs to hold onto anything because every moment provides what is needed, because the moment is perfect… your daily purpose makes up for your greater purpose on Earth. Do not waste time searching for the grand purpose of your life. Be present and embrace the purpose of the moment. Every moment has a purpose, which is why you are in it.”

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Part III - B: Archeons, Archangels & Archeia

The Angelics act as a bridge between the Light and all its manifestations throughout all Dimensions. They are the builders of form, directing the elementals (sylphs, salamanders, undines and gnomes) and their Directors, who create using the raw materials manifested by the Elohim. These include the elements themselves, both as matter built of atoms and as fundamental forces. The Angelics and Elohim are carriers and administrators of the Light, which is distributed through the Universe, Galaxy and (for us) to our Solar System and Planet. There it has to be utilised and administered on a constructive co-creative level to supply determined measures and blends of the appropriate energies and create appropriate learning environments for the benefit of embodied life-forms. Each Ray has Ascended Masters that work with it for this purpose, helping to administer and direct it accordingly. The Angelics do not have Free Will, acting according to the impulses of the Divine, within Divine Law.

At the time of the Earth's "conception" many energy constructs were put in place in order for the Earthly aspect of the "Divine Plan" to begin. The Angelics were amongst those participating in this, and they anchored aspects of their Being in various locations within Earth's developing energy field to facilitate and support specific aspects of her growth and that of all sentient life that was to evolve therein. The Angelics true place of Being is a 7th Dimensional reality: their anchor points for Earth were placed within a 5th Dimensional reality of her energy field, thus creating a bridge or access point between the "human/angelic" Dimensional realities.

The Angelic Light is always given with dispassionate compassion, shining forth to bring Divine Light to all sentient beings within their governance, that each may awaken to the gifts and realisations brought by that Light. If we travel in physicality to these locations on 3rd Dimensional Earth we will be subject to a greater intensity of this Light and may sense their influence and energies with more ease. However we can only "visit" or "see" their retreats in the 5th Dimensional Realm (or Higher) by connecting with them through our Higher Dimensional bodies, not our physical 3rd Dimensional one. We can access them only through our Soul Bodies (Light Bodies) or visualisation, "tune-in" to alternate realities.

Angelics were expressed firstly as a singular spark of the Divine, with a specific remit to distribute the Light of the Divine (All That Is). They are a singular unified energy with roles to play through all the planes and Dimensions of reality, just as we are merely aspects of the Divine, struggling to remember who we are and reunite with our True Self. It may be easiest to see each Angel as simply an aspect of a Unified Reality, just as our physical body is a complete lifeform, yet composed of many organs and systems for the physical body to exist. Each Angelic aspect has two polarities, required for the fullest possible expression of their Light - the "masculine" and "feminine" twin-flames of the One Flame. The crossing point exemplifies their True Unified nature: the further away you travel from this to either side the greater the influence of the male or female polarity. Theirs is an alchemical marriage. The feminine aspects of the Archangels (some now Archaeon) are known as the Archeia. “…the feminine aspect gives birth to the masculine Spiritual aspect on the Earth plane, thus bringing both the lessons and their understanding to you in physicality. The Archeia act as a bridgehead between humanity and the higher realms of Spirit and of God."

Archaeons: Like all life (Consciousness) has to go through transitions, some of the Archangels had an Angelic "Ascension," with some of those in bodily incarnation being asked to step up to assume responsibility for some tasks previously borne by the Archaeon as "Archangels." This means that Lightbearers, Lightworkers and Light Warriors of Earth have come of age and must begin to take on the responsibilities for our planet and humanity that have been held by the Archangels on our behalf. Our planet and destiny is now fully in our own hands; we must make the decisions and take responsibility for the future of Earth and the coming human generations. We are not abandoned; our loving Archangelic "parents" are still around to support and guide when we ask for it, but they should be seen more as "grandparents" rather than "parents." We are also supported by the Ascended Masters who have made or are making the transition to the Angelic realm as forerunners of this change.

Those who assumed greater tasked are now called "Archaean." They exist as Unified Beings of Light, with their masculine and feminine aspects in complete unification. They have always been connected in consciousness to each other, across the legions of Archangels, but since their complete unification, their Collective Group Consciousness has become significantly strengthened, so that in essence they act as a singular Unified Being. Their actual "title" is not omportant, but how we understand or relate to the energy we wish to link with is actually how the energy link works. From this point on, when we refer to a named male or female aspect, and prefix that specific name with the title "Archaeon" (e.g. Archaeon Michael), we will draw to us that Unified aspect (Michael and Faith) in their new energetic form. If we specifically wish to call upon solely a specified masculine aspect of the new energetic form (e.g. Michael), we use the title "Archon"; and if we wish to call upon solely a specified feminine aspect (e.g. Lady Faith), we use the title "Archaea". If we call upon the Archaeon without specifically naming them, then we will get them as a singular Unified Consciousness.

The "Archaeon" have extended their role (and energies) to undertake the overseeing / training of certain embodied souls to take on their old Archangelic roles and functions. Slowly some of the Archangelic's responsibilities are being devolved to Ascending and Ascended humanity. (Note: Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi is one of those "returning" Archangels, and has taken the name "Agrippa". He is one of the new "Solar Archangels" for the New Age of humanity, taking on the Gold Ray and some of the duties performed by Scaphoriel and Metatron.) Those that retain the title of Archangel still hold sole responsibility within the Angelic Realm for the duties associated with their posts. Although we tend to regard hierarchical roles from an Earthly point of view as being a chain of command in order of importance, an Archaeon is not regarded in the Spiritual and Angelic Hierarchy as being "more than" an Archangel. Those known to be “Archaeons” include: Metatron, Ratziel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Ariel (an aspect of Uriel), Azrael, Haniel, Lux’eon, Schaphoriel (and twin flame Seraphiel) and Uriel.

Archaeons and (Archaea) Twin Flames; Keys/Gemstone

1. Lux’eon
Secret Diamond Ray

2. Scaphoriel & Seraphiel
Secret Gold and Silver Ray

3. Metatron & the Lady Constance
Hammer and Strength for empowerment - Phenacite crystal (clear)
Interface of the Secret Diamond/ Black /Gold/Silver Rays Sophia,

4. Ratziel & the Lady Jochara
Interface of the Secret Diamond /Black Rays

5. Tzaphkiel and Lady Okina
Secret Cosmic Platinum Ray; Higher aspects of the Indigo Ray

6. Tzadkiel (Zadkiel) & Amethystia, the Lady Purity
Fire and Inspiration for freedom - Amethyst cluster 7th Ray (Violet); Sacral center; Violet Ray

7. Chamuel & Seraphina, the Lady Charity
Arms and Love for enfoldment - Ruby crystal 3rd Ray (Ruby-Pink); Heart Center; Red Ray

8. Michael & the Lady Faith
The Sword and Truth for protection Cornflower - blue Sapphire 1st Ray (Blue); Throat; Secret Sapphire Ray; Blue/Indigo Ray Mikaela,

9. Auriel

10. Raphael & Mareia (Mother Mary), the Lady Virtue
Staff and Wisdom for healing - Pink Danburite crystal 5th Ray (Green); Brow center; Secret Emerald Ray; Green Ray

11. Gabriel & the Lady Annunciata the Lady Hope
Fanfare and Joy for enrichment - Herkimer Diamond 4th Ray (White), resurrection flame;
Root center; Secret Crystal Ray

12. Sandalphon & Shekinah, the Lady Patience
Presence and Stability for grounding Aventurine – green Interface of base Spectrum Rays, Gem Rays & the Source Rays

13. Haniel & Maryllisa, the Lady Radiance
Strength andLight for illumination - Clear Apophylite cluster Orange Ray

14. Jophiel & Christophina, the Lady Peace (Christine?)
Faith and Guidance for expansion - Amethyst, preferably candle quartz 2nd Ray (Yellow), Crown center; Yellow Ray

15. Uriel & Aurora, the Lady Grace
Scroll and Knowledge for guidance Diamond 6th Ray (Purple & Gold); Solar Plexus; Secret Ruby Ray Rainbow

16. Azrael & Magdalena, the Lady Mercy
Power and Possibilities for enthusement - Moldavite Secret Black Ray

(, c. 2008

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